From the Desk of Vox Humbug – July 10, 2019

If this blog was a garden, it would be overgrown with weeds.

Since last October, I have had little motivation or energy to keep up with my writing. In truth, I have had very little motivation or energy to do much of anything.

The main culprit is falling into the rut of “work, sleep, work, sleep” to the point where even my work is suffering, and I’m having trouble sleeping.

I don’t know if it’s depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of play, or something I can’t determine. All I do know is that I merely exist.

Day after day I mindlessly scroll through social media, consume YouTube videos, and feel my mind atrophy.

I want my mind back!

I want my motivation back!

I want to do good engineering!

I want to write!

I want to create!

I want to sleep!

I have no idea how to get what I want!

I apologize for ranting. I just needed to get that out of my system.

Any and all help for getting out of my rut is appreciated.

Thank You.

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