Swinging Sanity

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Stoner on a rollercoaster

Big day tomorrow

Can you hear my bones clanking? Literally all across the globe?

Because tomorrow my debut book is releasing. 

Honestly I don’t have much to say right now. I have been keeping myself busy but this emotion to too overpowering. 

It’s engulfing everything, in a good way though.

Well. I wanted to ask you all something.

A favor that would mean the world to me.

Can you please re-blog this post of mineSwinging Sanity

Because of my choice to stay anonymous and unavailability of book in regions where my friends and family are concentration I am left with limited options.

This is really going to mean the world to me. 

This is the post you can reblog.. Swinging Sanity (not the one you are reading)

Thank you so much for all the love kindness and support.

Wish me luck guys.

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Busy With Life

This is advice I need to take to heart. Between my job, preparing for the holidays, and working with my wife to make sure everything is taken care of before our little bundle arrives, I feel like I’ve been beaten like a piñata. The batteries need to be recharged, and I’m taking some time next week to do so.

Just Brittany Moments




✨Sometimes we get so busy with life that we become overwhelmed and our health is effected. Make sure you find time to relax, refresh, and recharge.✨

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Curing my Flight Anxiety, One Book Tour at a Time — Longreads

Attenberg's misadventures on a book promotion tour reminded me of my recent adventures flying to conferences. Enjoy! -VH Novelist Jami Attenberg discovered a surprise antidote to the anxiety that plagued her each time she had to get on a plane to promote a book. via Curing my Flight Anxiety, One Book Tour at a Time — … Continue reading Curing my Flight Anxiety, One Book Tour at a Time — Longreads