From the Desk of Vox Humbug – May 31, 2021

I have been writing on this blog since March of 2017, and after experiencing a purple patch in the initial months, my writing production dropped off dramatically, going from 47 posts in 2018 to 19 over the next two years. This coincided with a low point in my life in 2019, followed by the world going mad in 2020.

As mentioned last week, I’ve decided to try to keep a schedule of writing, as well as experimenting with microfiction/flash fiction. In my quest, I discovered the hashtag #vss365, as well as @Poetryin13, @10wordjournal and @TheWritePrompt. Writing the prompts from these users on Twitter have jump-started my creativity, similar to how writing prompts on WordPress sparked my fancy back in 2017.

Something about the limitation of 280 characters, or 100 words taps into my engineering brain; I’m given a set of parameters, and I have to write something to fit those parameters.

If you wish to see what I’ve attempted so far, check out my Twitter @VoxHumbug.

Catch you on the flipside!

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