Lost and Found

I discovered NYC Midnight on Facebook, and decided to enter their 100-word Microfiction Challenge. This is what I wrote for the first round. Wish me luck!

Genre: Action/Adventure

Action: opening a door

Word: separate

I need to find Sam, and soon!

We were separated not long after the riot started. Hiding in an alley, trying to remember the way out, a door opened behind me. I spun around to see who it was.

Grabbing my arm, a large thug licked his lips. “What’s a pretty young thing doing here?”

A swift jab to the solar plexus released his grip. One moment I’m sprinting away, next moment someone’s helping me up from the sidewalk. I look up to see Sam’s scared face. We were together again but lost.

It’s going to be a long night.

© 2021 by Benjamin Goodrich

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