Liberation Day

I wrote this on Facebook two years ago, and I thought I would share it here on the thirteenth anniversary of Liberation. Today is Liberation Day. On this day in 2004, I left Binghamton to attend Edinboro University. Why do I still celebrate it, considering I dropped out of Edinboro two years later and joined … Continue reading Liberation Day

Survive and Advance

I am comfy in my bed I want to stay in today I rise to face what I dread Survive and advance Steeling myself for the fray Black coffee opens my eyes Sitting in a world of gray Survive and advance Changing into my disguise The world expects me to smile My true mood they … Continue reading Survive and Advance

Group Work

Like so many of my fellow students, I hated working in groups in school because I always found myself in one of two groups. Sometimes I would find myself in the group where the cliquey members had a social hour while the others did all the work. Alternatively, I would join the group where everyone … Continue reading Group Work