Welcome to Vox Humbug!

I am an amateur writer and photographer, and in my spare time, I work as an electrical engineer.  This blog is my platform to present my poetry, short stories, essays, and photographs for the world to see.  In time, I hope to branch out and experiment with written reviews, videos, or other forms of art such as drawing, painting, or printmaking.

I have had an interest in writing and photography since childhood, but it was in my late teens and early twenties that I took the time to hone those skills.  Inspired by my hometown of Binghamton, New York, I wrote some poetry, short stories, and even screenplays.  I studied photography while a student at Broome Community College, learning the basics of composition, developing and printing film, and even undertaking an independent study on pinhole photography.

However, after my departure from Binghamton in 2004, it seemed as though the well of creativity had run dry. Now over a decade later, I have returned to my hometown, the well is replenished, and I am starting new notebooks and dusting off my camera to rediscover what I had lost.

I have learned that creativity, whether writing, photography, art, music, or even engineering, is an ongoing process of learning what one can do with the tools and media at hand, and using them to make something to share with the world.

That is where you come in.  Creators do not exist in a vacuum, and I am seeking your feedback to improve my writing and photography.  I know what I produce may not be great at first, but with constructive criticism, I can continue to improve my work.

Thank You.