Anything but Sane..

Sanity is overrated.

I am pacing
Pacing wild
Like a restless lioness
Suffering in pain..

My heart hammering
My lungs bursting
I am sweating
In this pelting rain..

I am smiling broad
And so is my soul
After what feels like ages
I am feeling okay again..

I am running
In a network of overlapping circles
Not skipping a single line
I am looking like a train

That horrid dark void
Finally spitted me out
I am surprised to be alive
Frightful darkness drove me insane..

My bones hurt
By running so fast
But physical pain is a feather
Weighed against that fetal bane..

Maybe that’s what
I am meant to be
A live wire, shooting sparks
Or a lazy pigeon with a hyper brain..

Crazy is my standard
I don’t mind being the weirdest in town
I can handle catastrophes
As long as I’m anything but sane..

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Stay Inside the Lines

The lines are your friends… or are they?

Sara in LaLaLand

Told to ask no questions
Accept it for what it is
But how can I accept It when it is unknown to me?

I want to learn how the world works and not just take advantage
But I am always told to stay inside the lines

Out there, on the other side
Lies answers to conundrums

If I cross, I’ll discover the unknown
Fear, it keeps us here between the lines

Let go…

Cross over…

Seek answers…

Educate yourself…

Inspire others…

Focus on solution
Instead of fixating on the problem

Believe we can be better…

Actively do good…

Be kind to others…


Think your own thoughts
Gather your own conclusions

Burst that bubble!

It can be safe out there if we all stick together

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