Notes through the years #OctPoWriMo

Thanks to stoner on a rollercoaster, I found this writing challenge. I admit I am a bit rusty, but through the month I should be able to stock up on WD-40.

Your whole life awaits
Limitless world before you
Go, curious one!

Your sister is here
Jealousy will shroud your love
Envy rages on
Now you’re grown, you understand
No one will know you better

Your life
Will start to suck
For the next several years
Remember it’s not forever
Fight on!

Enjoy marching band
Life will suck a little less
Playing clarinet

Your heart
Beating for her
Holding on your first love
The time is coming, she will break
Your heart

You’re going nowhere!
You have to change your life now!
Go join the Navy.
But before you leave for Boot,
You find the love of your life.

You’re back in college
An engineering student
Surrounded by kids
This major is most unique
From all your other choices

Your child
Will be here soon
You want to be a dad
But you must wait two years to hold
Your child

You will turn forty
I hope looking back will bring
Some happy feelings


© 2018 by Benjamin Goodrich

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