Pale Sonnet

Audrey was a student at Rachel's school, Best known as a notorious gossip. With prying ears and demeanor so cool, Slanders many with a voice of syrup. Her malevolence is beyond compare, But bears no grudge on any she defames. The desire to spread discord everywhere, Trumps any concern for the souls she maims. A... Continue Reading →

Sonnet in Blue

Rachel was aware for over a year She was not the same as the other girls. Sure of herself yet paralyzed by fear. Resolute in her heart while her mind whirls. Wringing at the hem of her azure dress, Wholly uncertain of what to do next. Everyone noticed that she was a mess, Concerned as... Continue Reading →

Sonnet in Pink

Rachel was the envy of every girl Whenever she wore her pink colored dress; And smiled as she gave her hair a twirl While the jealous ones grumbled in distress. Rachel was the idyll of every boy Whenever she walked down the crowded hall; A flash of her eyes with a smile so coy Could... Continue Reading →

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