Do Not Feed the Animals #OctPoWriMo

Deep thinking Glasses wearing Number crunching Forces comparing World Changing Hacker coding Circuit plotting System designing Engineers at work. Please do not tap on glass. OctPoWriMo © 2018 by Benjamin Goodrich

What is a creator?

As a writer, I create new worlds Vast as the universe Or intimate as the heart As a photographer, I create grand vistas A boundless landscape Or a cozy portrait As an engineer, I create concepts Translating numbers on a page Into a multitude of designs How is an engineer not an artist? Is it... Continue Reading →

Group Work

Like so many of my fellow students, I hated working in groups in school because I always found myself in one of two groups. Sometimes I would find myself in the group where the cliquey members had a social hour while the others did all the work. Alternatively, I would join the group where everyone... Continue Reading →

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