(Mis)Adventures in Flying, 2007

Recently I recounted a business trip to Atlanta for training, and the difficulties I encountered flying to and from that city’s airport. This was not my first experience with substantial delays, or with issues at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Let us go back in time to 2007, not long after your humble correspondent enlisted in... Continue Reading →

(Mis)Adventures in Flying, Part 2

After the difficulties I experienced while flying to Atlanta on Monday, I settled into the conference I was attending at Georgia Tech.  The only thought I gave to my eventual flight home was that the weather looked good and that there should be no problems getting home.  It was true that another storm had come... Continue Reading →

(Mis)Adventures in Flying, Part 1

Since last summer, when I started travelling by air to training opportunities for work, I have had good luck with making connections.  I had a narrow escape last month, where we were nearly an hour late departing from Houston, resulting in my friend and me making a mad dash through Detroit Airport to make our... Continue Reading →

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