Vox Humbug – The Voice of Nonsense

Welcome to the Vox Humbug!  The site where I attempt to bring order to my chaotic mind.

I started this blog in an attempt to present my thoughts to anyone who will consider them, however I proceeded without a set plan of how to accomplish this.  My thoughts do not maintain focus on a single object for very long, and I have something to say on each object I encounter.

I have now brought a little order to the chaos of this blog. Thanks to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, I have begun a routine of writing every day to reinvigorate my atrophied writer’s brain that has been inactive for many years.  I am confident that with regular writing, the quality of my work will improve.

My hope is that those who read what I have to offer think about them as well, regardless of whether or not they agree with me.  If one person who reads this takes the time to think about what I said, and in turn forms their own opinion from it, then my work will not be in vain.

Thank You.