Carousel Capital

My hometown in known For its carousels. George F. donations They are free to ride Six carousels turn Empty of riders Relics of the past Rotating in place Blissful delusions Ride painted ponies Semblance of movement All an illusion Dreams of the past hide Nightmares of today Focus on the past Ignore the future An … Continue reading Carousel Capital

Eclectic Music

I find solace in a symphony.I am mesmerized by jazz solos.I lose myself in rhythm and blues.My passions are set aflame by rock.Beethoven sonatas charge me up.Simon and Garfunkel chill me out.Listening to Queen fills me with joy.Abba's albums are guilty pleasures.My taste in music is eclectic.I find beauty in many genres.Symphony© 2017 - Benjamin … Continue reading Eclectic Music

Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Room with a View/Benjamin Goodrich

Brave and Reckless

The bright morning sun breaks through the window.

I rise from my slumber rubbing my eyes.

I look out and watch a bird as it flies.

Grabbing my camera, I snap a photo.

Beautiful avis perched in a willow.

From my hospital bed, I yearn to rise.

With every attempt the nurses chastise,

“You’re too weak to go out in the meadow.”

My spirit is struggling to break free.

I strive to keep my mind from stagnating.

My lonely heart yearns for a companion.

I am more than the bones in my body.

I am more than the air I am breathing.

Heart, mind, and spirit are my foundation.

Benjamin Goodrich is a writer who is an engineer in his spare time.  He attended Broome Community College, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and served in the United States Navy before earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree at Geneva College. …

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