From the Desk of Vox Humbug – May 24, 2021

The time has come to push through the self-doubt and writer’s block.

I’ve decided to start writing again, and I’m putting myself on a schedule.

Monday – Desk notes
Each Monday I will post “From the Desk of Vox Humbug.” I will write about the latest news in my life, progress on my projects, and anything that may come to mind. Think of it as a notepad for my blog.

Tuesday – Long form poetry
Tuesdays will highlight long form poetry, from rondeaus to sonnets, villanelles to free verse.

Wednesday – Flash Fiction
I recently discovered Flash Fiction when I happened upon the NYC Midnight site in my Facebook feed. I entered their 100-word Microfiction contest (Wish me luck!) and enjoyed the challenge of condensing a story to a short form. On Wednesdays I will present my efforts at 100- or 250-word microfiction. I will also be dabbling in Very Short Stories on my Twitter account (@VoxHumbug).

Thursday – Short form poetry
Thursdays are the day for haikus and tankas and other quick poems.

I may post the other three days, but I’m leaving them open for now.
Let the fresh start begin!


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