Penny for my thoughts #OctPoWriMo

My two cents
My honest advice
Advice for you to heed
Advice for you to ignore
Ignore the truth
Ignore my opinions
Opinions are like ass holes
Opinions are thoughtless
Thoughtless people hurt others
Thoughtless people hurt you
You are a target
You are different
Different is scary
Different is wrong
Wrong person
Wrong answer
Answer correctly and be rewarded
Answer incorrectly and be punished
Punished for having a heart
Punished for having a mind
Mind your own business
Mind full of unasked questions
Questions about the universe
Questions about the heart
Heart overflowing with love
Heart punctured by hate
Hate others for being stupid
Hate myself for being stupid
Stupid is humanity’s defining feature
Stupid inane bullshit
Bullshit people talking big
Bullshit ideas taking root
Root out the stupid within me
Root it out and purge the impurity
Impurity in men is praised
Impurity in women is despised
Despised for what I am
Despised for what I think
Think about the world in a new way
Think in a way that scares others
Others who will hate you
Others who never use their brain
Brain full of stories
Brain full of memories
Memories are a drug
Memories do not sustain
Sustain your heart
Sustain your mind


© 2018 by Benjamin Goodrich

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