Party Time

It’s Friday night and I’m alone
I take my groceries from the bag
A bottle of Seagram’s Seven
A bottle of Canada Dry
I grab a glass and pour my drink

I fill it half full of whiskey
Ginger ale helps it go down smooth
I blast music as I imbibe
Rapidly I empty my glass
I keep drinking to dull the pain

Anxiety melting away
I am the man I want to be
My thoughts and ideas have value
Everyone wants to be my friend
All the girls want to sleep with me

But depression lingers nearby
My party’s uninvited guest
I want to forget it is here
I find the bottles are empty
I fall into oblivion

The stench of vomit wakes me up
I threw up and forgot to flush
My head is two sizes too small
The life I ran from waits for me
It’s Saturday and I’m alone


© 2018 by Benjamin Goodrich

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