Train of thought

What’s in my work email?

Who’s pitching for the Mets tonight?

What’s for dinner?

I’d better take care of this for my project.

Ooh, a new chess puzzle book!

Why don’t the Islanders promote their hot new prospect?

Just one more game of Tetris.

Am I ready for today’s meeting?

Here’s an article on the failure that has been the Knicks season.

How long until lunch?

I like soccer, but who should I cheer for?

It’s time for the meeting.

What are the rules for cricket?

Why is this project slogging along?

I have to see what that last Tweet was.

How long until the NFL crashes and burns?

Let me check Facebook real quick.

Time to go home.

If efficiency experts saw my mind, it would be sent back to the factory for repairs.


© 2018 by Benjamin Goodrich

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