Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Room with a View/Benjamin Goodrich

Brave & Reckless

The bright morning sun breaks through the window.

I rise from my slumber rubbing my eyes.

I look out and watch a bird as it flies.

Grabbing my camera, I snap a photo.

Beautiful avis perched in a willow.

From my hospital bed, I yearn to rise.

With every attempt the nurses chastise,

“You’re too weak to go out in the meadow.”

My spirit is struggling to break free.

I strive to keep my mind from stagnating.

My lonely heart yearns for a companion.

I am more than the bones in my body.

I am more than the air I am breathing.

Heart, mind, and spirit are my foundation.

Benjamin Goodrich is a writer who is an engineer in his spare time.  He attended Broome Community College, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and served in the United States Navy before earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree at Geneva College. …

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