Untouchable Male Virgin

Been in kind of a rut lately with my writing. Reading Blood Into Ink’s My Teendumb set my pen moving again.

I dated the same girl
for four years in high school.
The first time I felt love.
The first time my heart broke.

When we were together,
and after the breakup,
the same question was asked:
“Was my girl a good lay?”

We never did the deed.
And with each retelling
the verdict was the same:
“Something was wrong with you.”

She was a virgin, so pure
rare among slutty girls.
He is a virgin, loser
has no game, or he’s gay.

I lusted after girls
I’m unable to have.
They fell in two piles
taken or lesbian.

The girls that slept around
Even they were put off.
Women who are “easy”
do not fuck guys like me.

Why must men be defined
by sexual prowess?
Intelligence and love
amounting to nothing.

© 2017 Benjamin Goodrich

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