What is a creator?

As a writer, I create new worlds
Vast as the universe
Or intimate as the heart

As a photographer, I create grand vistas
A boundless landscape
Or a cozy portrait

As an engineer, I create concepts
Translating numbers on a page
Into a multitude of designs

How is an engineer not an artist?
Is it the math?
The exactness?
The straight lines?
That we use AutoCAD instead of Photoshop?

Why is it when an artist uses
Pencils or chalk,
Oils or watercolors,
It is a thing of beauty.

But when and engineer uses
Concrete and steel,
Breakers and bus bars,
It is sterile and cold.

Artist and engineer are not mutually exclusive.
You can be one.
Or the other.
Or both.


© 2017 by Benjamin Goodrich

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