Survive and Advance

I am comfy in my bed
I want to stay in today
I rise to face what I dread
Survive and advance

Steeling myself for the fray
Black coffee opens my eyes
Sitting in a world of gray
Survive and advance

Changing into my disguise
The world expects me to smile
My true mood they will chastise
Survive and advance

I’m pushing through the turnstile
Waiting for the morning train
To a job that I revile
Survive and advance

Cube-bound days that numb the brain
Co-workers mindlessly talk
I find their gossip inane
Survive and advance

All day I stare at the clock
At five I’m off with a flash
To fight the crowds and gridlock
Survive and advance

From the train station I dash
To my own sanctuary
Dinner, shower, and then crash
Survive and advance

After watching some TV
I lie down to rest my head
In the face of my ennui
I survived


© 2017 by Benjamin Goodrich

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