First Impression

Rachel was a popular girl in school.
She wore the right clothes and had the right friends.
The epitome of all that was cool,
Her overt friendliness paid dividends.

Her best friend swam and was quite an athlete.
She went to the meet to give her a cheer.
While there, someone approached Rachel’s seat,
Inquiring, “Is anyone sitting here?”

Something sparked when they caught each other’s eye;
“You are,” she said, and they hit it off quick.
They cheered as her best friend won in the ‘fly.
As they talked, Rachel’s mind became frantic.

She felt something she never knew before.
The rapture of love was hard to ignore.


© 2017 by Benjamin Goodrich

One thought on “First Impression

  1. The rapture of love was hard to ignore. The line with the most veracity and the most realistic line I have ever seen. Loving the way you write, very modernised, yet carrying the weight of meanings. Have hope, write on!

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